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6 things to download this time (woot~!)

henna small boxes

Small yummy boxes to fit your iconing needs.
made with henna bits + photoshop

abr: here
img pack: here

tribal texture set

A more graphic and less artsy set.
painter, photoshop, tribal clipart

abr: here
img pack: here

handdrawn swirls

Most are meant to fit to lj icon size requirements, but I left some bigger to play around with webpages etc...
made with copic multiliner + ink

abr: here
img pack: here

texture doodles

Little doodle bits that are great to play with and overlay the screentoned doodles with the regular doodles.
made with painter and screentones

abr: plain doodles here | textured doodles here
img pack: plain doodles here | textured doodles here

japanese misc text

Made in giant size (for webpages, backgrounds etc...) and smaller size (for icons). This big ole image is in the imagepack as a reminder of what means what. Half of my major is in Japanese, so I promise it's accurate.
made with various manga i scanned

abr: bigger text here | smaller text here
img pack: both small and big here

if you like the set and want sometime requested, please comment about it~! ^_^

japanese calligraphy

7 kanji in large and smaller icon-making size (so 14 brushes or imgs in total).
nicked from a teach yourself kanji site

abr: here
img pack: here

examples done with many of the items:

1) Yuya Yagira from Dare mo Shiranai
2) Beat Takeshi from Ichi the Killer ♥ ♥

Credit is ♥, but comments are even better ^^

view other brush sets: here

view other texture sets: here

usage policy:
Don't steal as your own. Credit is unnessary, but welcome ^^ </a></b></a>iroka
Please do not hotlink or distro anywhere else without permission ^^
Feel free to friend this journal for icons, brushes and tutorials.
Tags: brushes, japanese, text, textures
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