June 23rd, 2005

iroka purty

[ghetto poll] - What would you like to see?

In brushes:
1 - borders
2 - manga pieces
3 - texture work
4 - texture borders
5 - pixel work

In tutorials:
1 - How to make your own textures.
2 - How to make a manga icon and make it look clean.
3 - Simple pixel art tutorial
4 - How to make your own textures
...or an how to make a certain icon tutorial.

Please vote (comment on) the top thing you would like to see in both categories. I'd love to make what makes you guys happy!
iroka purty

[textures / brushes] Woodblock Textures

abr - here
image pack - here

Previous texture set:
nebulous | goldfishes

Thanks for the comments, they always make me work faster and harder ^^

Also, if you enjoyed or even if you didn't ^^;; please take the poll here and help me answer what I should work on next.

made from photoshop, painter, personal pictures and ones of japanese woodblock paintings

usage policy:
Don't steal as your own. Credit is unnessary, but welcome ^^ iroka
Please do not hotlink or distro anywhere else without permission ^^
Feel free to friend this journal for icons, brushes and tutorials.