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[tutorial] Quick tips on using patterns

Why I love patterns. I think patterns aren't employed enough in design. They're expandable, suited great for text and other effects, and are really quick to use.


A good way to illustrate the many ways you can use them is through a recent redesign of my website.

Way 1:

Patterns were used as a repeating background. Many of the patterns have a default white backgrounded, but don't let that stop you. In a peaceful design such as this they can be OVERLAYED over a strong color.

Fill a new layer with a desired color then,
Layer -> Layer Style -> Pattern Overlay -> Opacity

Way 2:

The same thing can be done with a free standing item. Such as this origami kimono. Which has a screen tone brush over a light flower pattern (the grey flowers)

Do the same thing as Way 1 except at the beginning choose the MAGIC WAND, FILL in a NEW LAYER then erase around the items you don't want overlayed (such a the green piece inside the kimono.

Way 3:

Patterns can be used if you'd like to put a border around and item.
Choose your LAYER or TEXT then

Layer -> Layer Style -> Stroke -> Drop down box Fill type: choose PATTERN -> pick pattern -> OK -> Stroke size -> Okay

Way 4:

Patterns are a great way to make text interesting. You can overlay or stroke the item. Either follow example 1 (for overlay) or 3 (for stroking) to do exactly how the example shown.


Do not use Photoshop's default patterns. Why? Anyone who owns a copy of Photoshop knows what they look like so they automatically can make your design seem unoriginal. (See links how to get more patterns)

Employ patterns for text. They're one of the easiest ways to make text look interesting (example 2). Expierement with only using one letter or a line below items (example 3). Example 2 was from a manga screentone set. Screentone sets outside of comics can work really well for many designs, so download them ^^.

example 2
example 3

excuse the quick and ugly of example 3, but hopefully it helps illustrate a few things

Expierement with using patterns in LJ icons such as hair overlay (example 5) or backgrounds (example 4).

example 4:
example 5:


Screentone Depot
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